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Andreas Nil, 
Managing Director,
MediaMobil Communication GmbH



Andreas Nil, studied telecommunications system engineering at the University of Bremen. After obtaining the Dipl.-Ing. degree he joined the Institute for Microwave Technologies at the University of Bremen where he was involved in a number of national and international research projects focusing on the development of advanced broadband communications systems. His special interest since then is in the field of satellite communications. In 1994 he became founding partner and managing director of MediaMobil Communication GmbH. Besides of the daily management tasks he is in charge of the business development activities. Andreas is married and lives at Bremen.


How did your career start within the Onboard Connectivity and Satellite Communications industry and what first attracted you to it?

30 years ago, the telecommunications industry was one of the most innovative, exciting markets for an engineer. That's why I started an internship with Deutsche Telekom at a satellite earth station. After understanding how this technology works, it was immediately clear to me what fascinating solutions it offers: worldwide, in the truest sense limitless communications. That was and is what still motivates me today.


What have you found to be the most exciting changes and developments within the industry and for MediaMobil Communication?

The most important innovation for us was the development of IP based VSAT systems. The availability of cost-effective VSAT hub platforms and small, low cost IP user equipment enabled us to become a global service provider with an own VSAT network. We were therefore able to be a relevant player in global satellite communications and to develop this industry. Among other special projects, we accompanied the research vessel Polarstern and supported researchers in getting to know our world better and better.


If you could sum up your company’s philosophy in one sentence what would it be?

We bring the Internet everywhere. We keep people connected across countries, continents and oceans.


What are your short and long-term goals for MediaMobil? 

For us, the signs are clearly pointing to expansion. First of all, we want to grow geographically and increase our global presence through sales partners. In the medium term, we want to expand our portfolio. The possibilities of satellite communications in a digitized world are constantly growing. For example, we want to offer special services for drones and aircrafts.


Describe your perfect weekend.

A perfect weekend always starts with a leisurely breakfast. During summer my wife and me love to do some gardening and to play tennis to recover from the long office days. In Winter we would go to the glaciers for skiing and enjoy the tasty local food as often as possible. A perfect weekend would also include some philosophic discussions with friends and a glass of Hendrick’s Gin at night.Show less